The wines

"Wine is the earth's song to the sky. It has its tenors and its sopranos, its farmers who work the vineyards and make wine from the grapes, with all of the effort, intelligence and passion that the vineyard and wine require."


Luigi Veronelli (1926 – 2004)


Petroro 4

Petroro 4 Todi Rosso DOC was the first wine that we produced back in 2005.

It was a precise project from the start – aiming to produce a wine that could be drunk day after day.

The harvest, the winemaking and the aging were all perfected to produce a Sangiovese that maintained the typical traditions of our area, yet had original and distinctive features.

It is a fresh wine – complex, yet easily recognisable, perfect for accompanying meals.

This is the real trump card that makes us stand out from the crowd with its simple goodness.

Altro Io

L’ALTRO IO was born in 2005 and is our personal challenge with the most important Umbrian variety of grape: Sagrantino.

The name we have chosen symbolises our desire to offer our own personal interpretation. Sagrantino is among the most tannic grape varieties in the world.

It is a complex and tricky decision to make when having to balance its fullness with its elegance.

The wine that emerges is characterized by concentration and ability to age thanks to its high polyphenol content.

Respectful of the typical features of this variety, it is characterized by a remarkable complexity and elegance that grows year after year with the aging in bottles.


In 2008 the Peppucci family expanded with the birth of Giovanni, Filippo's firstborn.

This was the year in which our desire to create a wine that could express the qualities of the Cabernet Sauvignon that grows on the "vigna dei sassi" was satisfied with the creation of GIOVANNI Umbria Rosso IGT.

Its production is limited to only 5000 bottles and this wine is the result of a rigorous selection of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes combined (depending on the year) with Merlot and Cabernet Franc in pursuit of the myth that is Bordeaux.


2007 was the first vintage of Montorsolo Grechetto di Todi DOC.

A "pure" grechetto whose aim from the beginning has been to define the variety.

This is the most traditional and important white variety of the region and its homeland is Todi.

So, thanks to the research carried out in our vineyards, and our dedication to using special procedures in our cellars, we were able to gain a prominent role among the producers of the variety.

A white wine with good structure but also a freshness that does not disdain medium / long aging in bottle.

I Rovi

In 2014, this selection of Grechetto di Todi DOC Superiore was created from the most beautiful zone in our Montorsolo vineyards.

Its name, The Brambles, always reminds us of its origins in our vineyard surrounded by blackberry bushes - a place of authentic pilgrimage to collect the precious fruits, but also to symbolize that, although picking this fruit can be arduous, the outcome can be sweet.

Grechetto doesn't bear abundant fruit, but the fruit that they do bear gives us great joy.

A challenging and persistant story that is typical of Grechetto of Todi.

Altro Io Passito

The ALTRO IO Passito is our personal homage to the tradition of the grapes we use to produce it, Sagrantino.

Originally, the Sagrantino grapes were harvested late because of an imprecise evaluation of the maturation and they offered a small amount of a precious "sacred" wine to accompany the festivities of the Christian tradition.

A late harvest and subsequent drying on mats allows the sugar content to concentrate, giving origin to a sweet wine of bygone days.

Artisan methods aimed at small quantities result in about 500 bottles each vintage.