It is at the end of the 80s that Piero Peppucci and Luisa Giontella, looking for a place in the surroundings of Todi where to raise their children and be able to live in touch with nature) came almost by accident in S. Antimo.

Even if completely abandoned the monastery built by Benedictine monk around the first half of the thirteenth century kept intact all its charm. It is no coincidence if Renzo Pardi in his book “Religious Architecture Research in Medieval Umbria” calls it one of the most fascinating and interesting settlements of entire Umbrian medieval architecture.

From that moment all their efforts were in bringing to light the wonder of this place, at first making their home there then from 2000 with the acquisition of the land all around, the center of their new, great adventure, to produced great wines here.

Then they proceeded to plant 13 hectares of new vineyards, selecting extraordinary native vines such as Grechetto of Todi, Sagrantino and sangiovese flanked by superb international varieties cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

In 2010 a new winery was built that would allow them to raise even more the already excellent quality of the wines produced; a place where they could work even better but also have the opportunity to welcome wine lovers and to communicate all that makes the wines Peppucci what they are.

A story of love, patience and dedication that involves the whole family and that is operationally carried out by Luisa, agronomist of the company, and his son Filippo, who takes care of the commercial side.